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Lloyd Smiths From Pup Pen to Paddock Recommends…

I have a large number of border collies that over the years have frustrated me with their nuisance barking. One of my collies loves to bark at almost anything. At times his barking would set off some of the other dogs and the worst part was it was mostly of a nighttime, so I bought a Sportdog bark control collar. I couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively it controlled his barking problem, so I used it on the other barkers and it worked a treat. A few years and a number of bark control collars later, my dogs still bark every now and then but constant nuisance dog barking isn’t a problem anymore.
J.Hamilton – Petsafe BC-103 Anti Bark Collars

Unit is compact, lightweight and easy to use. Good in thick scrub and picks up dogs in gullies no problems.
D. Ellefsen – Tracker Maxima Tracking System with 3 Collars

I have an adventurous boxer that loved to roam everywhere but on my property. I didn’t like the idea of keeping him indoors or on a chain all the time so when I found out about invisible dog fences I knew it was the perfect solution. After buying & getting my dog fence installed by Dogmaster, I finally have peace of mind knowing he’s safe at home and wont be wandering on to other people’s property or amongst traffic.
C. Curtain – PAC Invisible Dog Fence

I don’t have to hit the dogs anymore or chase them! It takes just one press of a button to get the dog’s attention and to stop roo chasing and biting altogether! My dog was not responding well to other training methods at all. I found that by using a remote training collar I could control my dogs bad behaviour immediately and the dogs know what they’re doing wrong. I could see an instant result. Great investment!
J. Jessop

The collars are great on Neo Mastiffs. I have experienced instant results. Complete bark control for big dogs.
TJ Security Services – Dogtra YS500 Anti Bark Collar

This dog trainer is great for young & old dogs. It’s really easy to use and it has plenty of range. My dog was driving me mad with his disobedience in the field, now I am back in command & can control my dogs behaviour from greater distances. I can discourage him really quickly and teach him whats acceptable and whats not. It’s a great tool, now I always get my dogs attention when I need to. I wish I had one years ago!
Z.Hutley –
SportDOG SD800 Dog Training Collar