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I would recommend Dogmaster Trainers, for all your electric collar requirements. They are very inovative, easy to use and totally reliable

Lloyd Smith

I Want to thank you so much for the bark collar and advise you gave us. I Know you're the merchant and not the magician but without people like you willing to promote, educate and stand by these devices we'd still be sprinkling fairy dust given to us by tree huggers.


The collars are great on Neo Mastiffs. I have experienced instant results. Complete bark control for big dogs.

TJ Security Services

I have an adventurous boxer that loved to roam everywhere but on my property. I didn’t like the idea of keeping him indoors or on a chain all the time so when I found out about invisible dog fences I knew it was the perfect solution.

C Curtan


DogMaster Trainers is committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer care.

Most of our customers want to deal with real human beings within New Zealand, not just call centres, answering machines or a distribution point, where your phone call is diverted overseas to someone disguising themselves as locals…

DogMaster NZ is run in New Zealand by fully trained New Zealand staff. Friendly, caring staff who love animals and who have owned both large and small dogs, cats and other animals and who have lived in the city as well as out on the farm.

If you would like to have a look at any of our products or speak with our friendly staff in person, you can come into our office/showroom at Unit 16, 232 Ellis Street, Frankton, Hamilton 5 days per week where you will also be greeted by our friendly office dogs - Bruno the huntaway, Biscuit the Whippet cross, and Moana the Staffordshire Terrier. Or simply contact us on our free calling 0800 DOGMASTER number (0800 364 627).

Plus you can see us all over New Zealand in person. As far south as Gore in the South Island and as far north as Dargaville as our staff attend the various Fieldays events around the country, including the largest which is held in June every year at Fieldays Mystery Creek in Hamilton.

We will happily answer your questions and provide you with expert advice so you can make a smart buying decision, with no obligation or pressure to buy. We back this all up with excellent warranties, money back guarantees plus we are the only company to offer that extra piece of mind in the form a 90-day or 3 month upgrade policy*.

On top of all of this we also have full service departments in both New Zealand and Australia for after sales care should it ever be needed. So if you have an escaping dog, barking dogs, or a dog training issue then talk to the experts first. This is our full time business not some sort of part time or sideline product. We have the best solutions for your pet, companion, working or hunting dogs who have dog barking, dog escaping or dog training issues. We have the best solutions to your dog barking, dog escaping or dog training collars for your pet, companion, working or hunting dogs.

Got ESCAPING DOGS or ESCAPING CATS ? – Containment Systems keep our pet safe. So what is a containment system? A modern method of fencing for dogs. Designed to keep your dog safely contained within your premises. These are also know as electronic dog fencing, invisible fences, pet fencing solutions or electric dog barriers. These system can be installed or attached to your existing fences or run under a hedge, around a garden or around a pool. If you have the type of property where you want to create invisible fences so as not to distract from your view or you simply don’t have any fences at all, then creating a hidden fence that can’t be seen is as simple as burying a wire. This type of pet fencing can be used with your dog, your cat or both. This form of trusted pet fencing solution or fence for dog is big across Europe, America & Australia to stop escaping dogs or cats to keep them safe inside your property.

Choose from the largest range of solutions and brands – call us now or look through our dog or cat containment systems for more information on keeping your pet safe in NZ.

Bark Collars for dogs, Barking Dogs or Dog Barking Issues… How to Stop a dog barking.

Is your dog or your neighbours dog driving you barking mad? Then turn to the only solution that works to help retrain your dog out of excessive barking or those bad barking habits.

So how do you stop a dog barking? Solutions come in the form of anti bark Citronella Sprays, Ultrasonic dog collars, ultrasonic bark stop devices or the most effective solution which is the Anti bark dog collar. Anti bark collars or stop barking collars are used by many of the dog control officers & their councils right across New Zealand. This is the most successful solution for managing a dogs barking or for teaching barking dogs how to stop. Simple when you use a Dog bark collar. This great range of products are designed to stop your dogs excessive barking or retrain your dog out of their bad barking habits. So who are you going to call? Like the famous ghost busters let us be your bark busters before you go barking mad! Call us now to discuss your particular needs and combine the right advice with the right product to solve your barking dog problems.

DOG TRAINING and REMOTE TRAINERS for Working dogs or Hunting dogs.

Widely used by farmers as a training tool for their working dogs remote trainers are fast becoming a must have piece of equipment on every farm. Best explained by one of our customers as a “hearing aid for dogs” or a long “invisible lead” electronic remote trainers increase the speed in which you can train your dog and are a great way to ensure your dog is focused on the task at hand be it in close or over large distances.

Check out this great product review from NZ Hunter magazine on the Dogtra brand and see why more hunters and farmers are buying the number #1 remote trainers available in New Zealand from DogMaster Trainers for their working dogs, pig dogs or bird dogs. We stock remote trainers with 400 meters through to 1,600 meters in range (1.6km remote trainers). You can get a 1 dog trainer right though to the only 6 dog remote trainer available in New Zealand. We also stock the number #1 brand in the world most trusted by farmers and hunters alike along with all of the other leading brands. Best guarantees provided along with full service departments in both NZ & Australia.

Remote Pet Trainers.

For the family dog or pet dog from small dog training through to big dog training remote trainers are the best way to solve many dog behavior problems (chasing cars, cats or bothering live stock). For sorting out those obedience issues e-collars are simply the best way to accelerate your dogs learning from the basic commands through to advanced commands. Give your dog more freedom… if you would like the ability to take your dog more places and give them more freedom to be… well just a dog, whilst providing you the confidence of being in control over distance then you will find that the electronic dog collar or remote trainer is the ultimate tool for walking your dog. Give us a call to talk about your needs, your dog training issues or to find out which trainer would best suit you and your dog.

E-Collar Safety.

Remote trainers, anti-bark collars and sometimes containment collars used to be called electric dog collars or shock collars. These are terms used by people who harbour misconceptions about the use of such devices or who are ignorant about the actual facts of these modern day devices. Used correctly these training aids are far more humane than the likes of choker chains or many of the other types of training aids or correctional devices still in use today. If this is a concern of yours or you would better like to educate yourself then please read our E-collar safety page or download the white paper from Tuskegee University in the United States on “The Facts About Modern Electronic Training Devices”.