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E-Collar Safety

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ecollar.jpgBARKING ISSUES & E-Collar Safety

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E-Collar Safety

There are some people who harbour misconceptions and believe many of the myths about dog training collars / e-collars and their effect on dogs based on their impressions of older models, the incorrect use of e-collars and a general misunderstanding of these products, without knowing the facts.

An independent study on dog training collars / e-collars was conducted at a leading Veterinary University in the U.S.A. The study found that the use of an e-collar to stop dog barking was no more cruel than taking your dog to your Vet for a “Check Up”. Please read in context “Tuskegee University Study Finds No Lingering Adverse Effects of Bark Collars”.

In 2004, a report was compiled based on findings from the scientific research conducted at Tuskegee University to aid in creating a better understanding of e-collars and dispel many common myths and misconceptions.

The report will also help answer common questions such as:

• Will this hurt my dog?
• Does it work?
• How strong is it?
• What can they be used for?
• Are there lingering effects?

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