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DogMaster Trainers services products purchased from us or one of our wholesale or trade customers. Please provide proof of purchase when sending in your items for service if bought elsewhere.


**IMPORTANT** We do not service dog training or bark collars bought from Hunting & Fishing.


NB: The only exception being GARMIN tracking gear as long as it's outside the ‘12 month warranty’ period, has not been modified and is under 3 years old with no obvious extreme external damage. So this includes Garmin tracking gear bought from any other retailer in NZ. We no longer service the following brands; Sportdog, Innotek, Petsafe or DT Systems.


When you send in your gear it’s really important to include a note. No note then your service immediately goes to the back of the cue as it can take us longer to get hold of you to find out the details plus with a note it actually helps us diagnose and go straight to the problem so you get a much faster turn around time.


On your note please include the following information:


- Your full name. (If purchased under a different name please let us know).
- Contact details: Mobile, Phone, and Email (email is important)
- Your address: Just in case its changed or we don’t have it.
- An explanation of what’s going wrong with your gear – this helps us diagnose the issue faster.


Note: If its Garmin Tracking gear bought from another retailer please advise us from whom you bought the gear and the date that you purchased it. Once DogMaster receives your service item we will email you (hence email is important) to notify it has arrived and been logged into service.


**IMPORTANT** Note if your gear has excess mud, containment's or matter on it we reserve the right to charge a $25 cleaning fee.
Please ensure your gear has been cleaned before sending it in.


Do I need to send in other bits?
Normally we only require the collar or transmitter, not both. If it’s a really old dog training collars it might pay to send in both your collar and transmitter. If you're having charging issues it pays to send in your power pack and charge clips and cables as well. If you’re unsure give us a quick phone call 07 855 4799 or 0800 DOGMASTER.


Where to send your service?


Postal Address: Unit 16, 232 Ellis Street, Frankton, Hamilton 3204