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GARMIN Webupdater

Video guide on how to install and use the GARMIN "Webupdater" software for updating your NZ legal T5 / TT15 collars or Alpha /Astro Hand-piece. Note you will need to use a Windows PC only as this does not work on Mac. NB: You will need to update each component separately one at a time be it a collar or a hand-piece.  

Click here to watch the VIDEO on how to install and use the WebUpdater Software.

Now click here to download the software from GARMIN's website.

If you need software assistance please call GARMIN's FREE Calling customer help line on 0800 427 652



GARMIN E-collar Training.
Build a better dog with James Hamm the Lone Star Dog Trainer. In these videos, James will walk you through the basics of e-collar use, how to prepare for success, and how to teach your dog basic obedience using a gentle and proven method.

What is covered:

- Training with an E-collar  - click here.

- E-collar Training Preparing for Success - click here.

- Fitting an E-collar and finding your Dogs working Level - click here.

- Teaching “Follow Me” and Collar
   Part 1 - click here.
   Part 2 - click here.

- Teaching “Place”
   Part 1 - click here.
   Part 2 - click here.

- Teaching “Here” or “Come”
   Part 1 - click here.
   Part 2 - click here.

- Teaching “Sit”
   Part 1 - click here.
   Part 2 - click here.

- Teaching “Down” - click here.

- Teaching “Leave it”
   Part 1 - click here.
   Part 2 - click here.

Kiwi Aversion or Avoidance Training - Click here. 

To locate a Aversion Trainer - Click here to view a list of trainers.
To locate a Training Day being held in your local area Click here.


Dogmaster Trainers Australia

Head office for Dogmaster Trainers located in Currumbin Waters, Queensland, Australia.

Discount Dog Fence AU

Discount dog fence offer innotek, petsafe, sportdog brands’ bark collars, dog fence and training system at discount prices.


NZIACO – The New Zealand Institute of Animal Control Officers

New Zealand’s one-stop guide to animal control, dog ownership, dog behavior, dog handling, and dog safety.

New Zealand Sheep Dog Trial Association Inc

The organisation that runs Sheep Dog Trails throughout New Zealand in association with the various clubs. Very hard working and helpful people normally volunteers who do an awesome job. Events etc can be located on their website.


Dogtra in New Zealand

With a focus on durability and cutting-edge technology, Dogtra offers a full line of dog training collars from small-breed pet trainers to a variety of sporting dog units. Dogtra in Australia