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GPS Handheld Tracking System

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The Garmin Personal Handheld GPS is a great tool for outdoor adventures who loves back to nature. Most of the Garmin Handheld GPS has rubbed tough designed plus IPX7 water resistant rating. They are made to last in extreme NZ outdoor condition. Whether you are heading into outdoors camping or sports, Garmin Handhelds GPS are great handy devices to locate you and your friends, keep your tracks and communicate with your friends. They are also popular among hikers, city cyclers, off-road mountain bikers, and sailboat racers.

Garmin HotFix Software
Most of GPS devices have to acquire the signals from satellites after they started up. After the connection is established between the GPS device and satellites, the GPS device will download the location data from the satellites. This data download process typically takes up to 30 minutes. The new generation Garmin handheld GPS has built in Hotfix software. This software allows the device continues to download data from the satellites after the device has been located and "fixed" the location. Once the Garmin GPS devices have received the data, they can calculate the location of those satellites for the next three days. As long as you use your Garmin GPS again, it will repeat the process and keep your device up-to-date. This can dramatically shorten the initial start up time of the device instead of getting the data from the satellites every time.

Some Garmin GPS handheld devices work with GPS and GLONASS satellites which are able to receive 24 more satellites signals than normal GPS only devices. The GLONASS also has a faster connection speed and better signal strength. Combine with GPS and GLONASS, Garmin eTrex and GPSMAP series handheld drives are able to acquire satellites up to 20% faster than devices that rely on GPS alone.

IPX7 water resistant rating
Withstands incidental exposure to water of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Indoor/outdoor use in the presence of rain, snow or brief splashes of water

Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery
The Garmin BirdsEye Satellite Imagery is a software that download to compatible Garmin GPS devices which offers high - resolution satellite imagery. It gives a true representation of surroundings. This software is yearly subscription so it will have to be renewed 1 year after the activation date. Otherwise, you won't be able to update the imagery after it is expired. However, the imagery has already download into the GPS device does not expire.


  • Images updated frequently for greater accuracy. Plus easy to download and update.
  • Captures the world in brilliant clarity and detail with high-resolution sub-meter colour satellite imagery.
  • Allows you to layer vector maps on your handheld (such as TOPO maps or City Navigator) with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for a real-life view of roads, buildings and terrain.
  • Makes it easy for hunters to perform preseason scouting, determine placement of stands and locate game pinchpoints.
  • Helps hikers and campers find trails/trailheads and clearings for camping areas.
  • Lets geocachers determine the terrain type around a cache and identify parking areas close to the caches.
  • Allows travelers to view tourist hot spots and landmarks from an aerial view to make excursions memorable without getting lost.