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Dog Training Collars

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Dog Training Collars – Get Results

The introduction of a dog training collar is to benefit dog and owner, reinforce training and curb bad behaviour. Dog obedience is not a natural skill set that our dogs are born with, but one that comes through a strong bond, proper care and a training.

We carry most popular brands Garmin, Dogtra, Num'axes, some Innotek, PetSafe and SportDOG amongst other brands of dog training collars. There’s a training collar to suit most situations, from companion dogs (close range), to in the yard (short range), out in the paddock and field (mid and long range), mustering and hunting (extra long range).

Our close and short range dog training collars usually have a range of between 50 and 400 metres. Benefits include water-resistant or waterproof collars, and battery powered or rechargeable dog training collars. For more range, consider a medium to long range dog trainer collar. Many of these systems are designed for use with working dogs in working conditions, with 400 to 800m range. The majority of these systems feature waterproof and rechargeable collars.

The extra long range obedience training collars extend from 1200 to 1600 metres, they are durable for mustering or hunting conditions.

How to use a dog training collar and maximise your results: The first thing you need to know is that these systems are not designed purely as a discipline tool. When looking at training collar, always consider the setting in which you are going to use the collar, your dog’s personality and temperament. With this in mind, where possible, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

1. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions

2. Properly fit the training collar to your dog

3. Start in a yard area, then with the remote control at the lowest level press the continuous button when your dog misbehaves. If no response, go up a level and press the continuous button again. Continue this process until you see the dog receive a little niggle. This is your training reinforcement level.

4. Once this level is set: you press the continuous button, give a command, as the dog responds release the button, praise the dog on completion of the task. The dog will then realise by obeying they can remove the niggle and be rewarded. Your dog will now look to you more for direction and reassurance.

5. If the dog is displaying unwanted behaviour, simply press the boost button for a second and give no verbal command. The dog associates the stronger correction with the behaviour.

Deciding on the right collar for your situation is important, so we have categorised the dog training collars into the Close, Short, Medium, Long and Extra Long ranges to lend a hand with this process. Please contact our friendly staff for further assistance in choosing the right dog training system for your dog and your situation.