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Garmin Delta Smart Keep Away Tag Only

Product Description

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Product Description


  • Water resistant design - can be used for outdoor
  • Operated by 1 x CR2032 lithium battery - do not need external power
  • Adjustable range from 30cm to 1 m
  • Required Garmin Delta Smart collar (sold separately) to work - keep dogs away from problem areas
  • Works with Garmin Canine App with compatible devices (Android and Apple IOS) - Keep Away Tag tracker
  • 1 Year warranty

The Garmin Keep Away Tag with Delta Smart collar (sold separately) is used as a barrier that keeps the dog away from unwanted areas in up to 2 metres in diameter or a 1 metre radius. This Keep away tag is very small and the size is only slightly bigger than a 50 cent coin. It can be attached to any flat surface at home by double sided velcro tape. When the dog with the Garmin Delta Smart collar walks into the operation range of the Keep away tag, the collar will pick up the signal from the tag and emit a preset correction to keep the dog away from the tag. The operation range of the Tag can be set up from the smartphone which starts from 30cm and up to 1 metre. If range has been set over 1 metre, the stimulation from the Garmin Delta smart collar may not be consistent.

Range test from DogMaster Trainers
We have tested the Garmin Keep Away tag(s) in both indoor and outdoor area. We found the Tag has range up to 2 metres in outdoor (straight line) which is doubled as what Garmin claims. However, when using 2 or more tages together (less than 5 metres), it may affect the range of the other tag. Please keep the tags at least 10 metres away from each other (or turn the other tags off) when setting up multiple tages.

Open gate area
It is a perfect tool for house owners who want to keep their dogs away from the gate/driveway. Simply attaches two Keep away tags to each side of the gate. The Keep Away tag should has enough range to cover most residential gate openining area/driveway (less than 5 metres). However, we recommend customers to setup the correct range of each tag before using them. It is much easier to find out the coverage of the tags by using different type of stimulation settings for different tags. For example, you can set the tag on the left side of the gate by stimulation - tone only and the tag on the right side of the gate by stimulation - vibration only. When you hold the collar and walk towards the middle of the gate, if you hear either the tone or vibration, it means you need to adjust the range of one of the tags. If you can hear both tone and vibration in the same time, it means the range is perfect. Try both tags from the smaller range first (like level 5) and increase the range if it is needed.

Activity tracking
While connects to a smartphone, you can review stats of your dog’s activity, including what sensor pet was close to, for how long and at what intensity level.

Keep Away Tag Physical & Performance

  • Unit dimensions: 35 x 25 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Range: 30 cm to 1 metre
  • Battery: 1 x CR2032 lithium battery
  • Battery life: up to 3 months
  • Water resistant

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