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GARMIN Astro 430/T5 GPS Dog Tracking System (Standard)

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Product Description

This is for a Garmin Astro 430 hand held plus a T5 Tracking collar plus accessories including your car charger.


  • Pre Loaded with AU/NZ TOPO Lite Maps
  • Tracks up to 20 dogs (with T5 Collars) from up to 7km away
  • Compatible with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (True Satellite View of surrounding)
  • 2.6 inch high resolution screen
  • Fully waterproof system
  • AA replaceable battery and optional rechargeable battery pack available
  • Fast 2.5 seconds update rate
  • Compatible with 7 inch big screen DriveTrack 70 LMT Car GPS and Fenix 3 Watch
  • 1 year warranty
  • DogMaster provides the most robust tracking gear on the market

Garmin T5 Collar Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable with fast charge
  • Remote operated beacon light
  • Rescue mode to save battery
  • Tone and vibration
  • Battery and status LED indicator

PLEASE NOTE: The "Standard' collar does not include DogMaster's exclusive enhancements

  • No Stainless Steel Armour & Industrial Shrink Wrap Protection  – Not recommended·
  • No CPH - Comms Protective Hardware installed
  • No Industrial wrap to strengthen and protect your coax cable and GPS receiver
  • Ask yourself is the extra $20 we charge for the Stainless Armour, CPH & Industrial wrap and 20-30 mins of our time to install everything worth it... if so please choose the "Armoured" version.

If your not sure then call us and have a chat with our knowledgeable staff.

The Garmin Astro 430 is the new NZ Legal Garmin GPS and GLONASS tracking system to replace the Astro 320 unit which has never been officially released in the New Zealand Market.   It can track up to 20 dogs at a range of up to 7km. With a 2.5 second update rate that is twice as fast as its predecessor. So, it is quicker to pinpoint the location when dogs are on the run.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Astro 430 features a vibrant 2.6 inch display, pre-loaded TOPO lite New Zealand map and an optional in-unit rechargeable battery.  Also includes Hunt Metrics dog performance data to help analyse your dog’s tracking patterns and behaviors, so you can train more effectively.

Astro 430 vs previous Astro 320, 220

The new Astro 430 has faster 2.5 seconds update rate. It can also track up to 20 dogs where Astro 320 and 220 can only track up to 10 dogs. Astro 430 works with Garmin T5 collar which is a better collar than the DC series tracking collar. Astro 430 has built in wireless share feature which is compatible with DriveTrack 70 LMT Car GPS and Fenix 3 watch.   It means you can track your dog with a 7 inch big screen in the car as well as a convenient small watch while out in the field.

Astro 430 vs Alpha 100

The Astro 430 looks like a tracking only version of the Alpha 100. It has most features of the Alpha 100. The main difference is the Alpha 100 has touch screen and Astro 430 offers back to basic keys operation for different users. The Astro 430 will have a longer range than Alpha 100 because it doesn’t have the training module that requires it to communicate with the collar. With only one way transmission, the Astro 430 is equipped with a longer antenna than the standard Alpha 100 handheld.

Please note: the new legal NZ version Garmin Astro 430 will not work with any previous Garmin Astro handhelds and DC collars and only work with NZ legal T5 collars.

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