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Pawz away outdoor pet barrier Pawz away rock

PetSafe Pawz Away "Rock" Outdoor Pet Barrier

Price: $269.00

Stock: available



  • Keep your pets away from unwanted areas up to 4.5m in diameter
  • Wireless and cordless option
  • 'Rock' look-a-like transmitter: waterproof, battery operated (uses 4 Alkaline D-Cell batteries)
  • Collar: water resistant , battery operated (uses 2 3-V lithium batteries)
  • Wire option which can cover up to 45 metres of boundary wire
  • Additional Rock transmitters available
  • Additional Collars available
  • Package includes: one Petsafe Rock transmitter, one receiver collar, test light tool and operating guide
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Download PetSafe Pawz Away Outdoor Pet Barrier's Manual from Here (5MB). 

PetSafe Pawz Away "Rock" Outdoor Pet Barrier allows you to keep your dog away from problem areas outside, such as gates, driveways, pools or gardens. This Petsafe Outdoor pet barrier system is perfect for outdoor use.

How the PetSafe Pawz Away outdoor pet barrier works

The barrier transmitter is designed to look like a Rock, which makes the transmitter “invisible” to your pets. It emits a radio signal which covers up to 4.5 metres in diameter or a 2.5 metres radius. When the dog wearing the collar enters the barrier area, he will hear a warning tone which is followed by the lowest level of stimulation. The stimulation level will increase while your dog remains in the barrier area.

Time Out Feature

If your dog stays in the PetSafe Pawz Away pet barrier area for longer than 15 seconds, the collar will stop delivering the correction. Instead of that, the collar will deliver a random single static correction every 5 to 10 seconds at the maximum level until your dog leaves the area. Once the dog leaves, the collar resets itself and will deliver a progressive correction next time your dog enters the barrier area.

Setting up the diameter

You can set the diameter distacne of the PetSafe Rock outdoor pet barrier to suit the area. Just open the lid on the top of the transmitter and you will see the LCD screen and range buttons. Press “+” once to turn on the transmitter and press it again to increase the diameter range. Each segment displayed on the LCD screen represents approximately 0.6 metre. You turn it up to 8 segments which are equal to about a 4.5 metre diameter.

This PetSafe outdoor pet barrier can also be operated with wire, allowing you to enhance the coverage of the transmitter to a shape and perimeter of up to a 45 metre loop. Simply attach the wire to the connector underneath the transmitter and circle the problem area. The transmitter is able to deliver a radio signal through the wire and keeps your dog away from the circled area. The minimum segment for wire option is 3 which because the segment 1 and 2 is not powerful enough to deliver the radio signal through the wire. (The wire for this system is sold separate. It is available for $59.00 per 50 metres)


Adding extra Collars or Rocks!!

Also available on request are extra collars for your other dogs as well as extra rocks so that you can secure other areas around your home, from gardens, pools, kids play areas, outdoor rubbish or any other area (inside or out) that you would prefer to keep you dog away from...  please contact us if you wish to purchase these extra items as there may be a small delay on delivery depending on availablilty.


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